Inventory Management

Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. offers another sophisticated solution more focused over increasing the efficiency of an organization by keeping real time and accurate track of their inventory. Manufacturers can avail the advantage of real time tracking of stock sold over the counter to measure the buying behaviors of their consumers. This solution also offers off-take reports based on any product category for a specific retail outlet and on area-wise basis. Our application shall save a lot of time wasted in order taking and is a modern inventory management system based on barcode technology.

This inventory management system works real-time using GSM platform to transmit information. Our equipment is installed along with the scanner at the retail outlet where the tracking of inventory is required. We offer user friendly software application through which our clients can get the updates 24x7 and our software is capable of saving the complete history and record of inventory which assists our clients to evaluate their performance. We can integrate our technology with solutions of our partners in various business sectors as we offer customizable solution that are designed to meet the unique businesses and the operational requirements of each client.

Inventory Management

Product Features

  • Real Time Inventory Tracking
  • Connectivity through APIs
  • Area wise Sales Updates
  • Delivery Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Accuracy
  • Quick Stock Audit
  • Monitor Product Off-take
  • Manage Exceeding Demands
  • Manage Distribution
  • Quality control
  • Production Planning

Online Web Track Features

  • Multiple Product Monitoring
  • Product-line, Date & Location Sales Records
  • Previous Sales Records
  • Area wise Sales Tracking

Alert Modes

  • Web Track
  • Email
  • SMS
Inventory Management

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