Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. solely focuses over the monitoring of multiple assets and to gauge their efficiency level by showing their performance. We offer innovative and adaptable service that can be used for both mobile and fixed assets’ management. Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in August 2015 and was awarded Monitoring license by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in July 2016.

We specialize in the integration of our customized in-house solution with our clients’ software and the modification of our hardware to improve performance and controls. Our software is capable of saving the complete movement history and performance of assets which help our clients to evaluate their personnel’s efficiency as well. Our equipment is fitted with a durable and long-life battery along with weatherproof casing that helps it survive in even the most adverse conditions without compromising on quality. All product lines and processes adhere to the strictest quality standards.