Cold Chain Monitoring for Stationary Assets

Cold Chain Monitoring for Stationary Assets

Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a remote solution to monitor the location and temperature of multiple stationery unit on a single screen. This works by sending numerous alerts through different platforms if the temperature rises above or drops below its specified level. Our software solution is the interface for the customer to monitor the status of; doors, location, commercial power, malfunctioning, mishandling and internal temperature. With our solution, customers can take timely and swift action to reduce their financial losses that occur due to; deterioration of the temperature, misplacement or mishandling.

Product Features

  • 24×7 Operations Support
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Geographical Fencing
  • Refrigerator On/Off Alert
  • Temperature High/Low Level Alert
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Door Open/Close Alert

Online Web Track Features

  • Multiple Asset Tracking
  • Asset Summary Report
  • Event Log Report
  • Temperature Log Report
  • Temperature Level Graphical View
  • Door Open/Close Report
  • Door Open/Close Duration Log
  • Not Responding Status

SMS / Email Alerts (if Required)

  • High Temperature Level Alerts
  • Low Temperature Level Alerts
  • Fence Alert