GenSet Monitoring

GenSet Monitoring

Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. offers sophisticated and reliable solutions to monitor the fuel levels and the whereabouts of the GenSet. Our solution provides alerts regarding the movement of these assets from their locations and customers can monitor numerous GenSet installed in different locations on a single screen. The fuel monitoring system helps them reduce their cost by getting accurate fuel readings round the clock. We offer remote access with real time readings to our clients to monitor the efficiency of their machines and their usage. This solution shall empower the customer to take timely action and reduce the expense caused by fuel pilferage and mishandling of their asset.

Product Features

  • 24×7 Support
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • GenSet On/Off Alert
  • Fuel Theft/Leakage Reporting
  • Refueling Analysis
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Battery Tampering Alert
  • Battery Level Alert
  • Movement Monitoring
  • Customized Fencing

Online Web Track Features

  • Multiple Asset Tracking
  • Event Log Report
  • Fuel Level Log Report
  • Fuel Level Graphical View
  • Temperature Log Report
  • Temperature Level Graphical View
  • Movement Report
  • Fence Breach Alert
  • Previous Logs & Reports Record

SMS / Email Alerts

  • High Temperature Level Alerts
  • GenSet On/Off Alerts
  • High Temperature Level Alerts
  • High / Low Fuel Level Alerts
  • Battery Tampering Alert
  • Fence Alert